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Doors is groupware for electronic musicians. It aims to be an extensible, multi-user, musical performance framework which unifies heterogeneous, distributed multimedia hardware. The framework is based on CORBA, XML, NTP and URL technologies.

The current state of implementation allows a user to playback pre-recorded MIDI files which are downloaded from a web server. The file is played back on one of many MIDI File Players, which are running on the same LAN. The players are time-synchronised and governed by the Controller server. A User Interface connects to the Controller, and sends XML which initiates playback. Multiple User Interfaces may be started, and may also be used to alter playback parameters in real-time. For more details, please read the WHATIS.

Coming soon: internet groupware, real-time input, wav/mp3 players, graphics players


12-March-2004: The MIDI File Player has been converted to Java, due to lack of C/CORBA support on Windows. This means that Doors is now 100% Java, except for 3 DLL files which provide hardware access. Windows users may try it now by downloading the pre-released

9-Feb-2004: Doors 0.1.2 features a win32 port and integrated HTTP and NTP services. Lack of hardware means this release is unavailable for Linux - sorry! Download

4-Feb-2003: Here is the latest alpha: doors-0.1.1.tar.gz. Requires at least one Linux machine, contains full install instructions.

22-July-2002: Doors 0.1.1 is in the pipeline, and is easier to install. Wait for this one. Don't bother with 0.1.

25-May-2002: Doors 0.1 is an alpha release, but should be fully functional. It runs on Linux and requires a complicated and lengthy manual install. Download the tar file (which contains the install instructions) to get it up and running. Logo