Problems not addressed

Problems which have not been addressed by the previous design include:

The Auditorium Revisited

The system described in this report improves on the current state of the art in auditoriums by presenting a single system image. No longer are distinct audio and visual systems used - these are simply components of the larger system. A single, global clock would be used - created by the performers on stage.

The distinction between the jobs of the musicians, lighting engineer, sound engineer and computer graphics controller are blurred, giving the artists much more creative freedom. Furthermore, impedance-mismatch problems incurred when artists port their work from studio to auditorium would be minimised, and may even be resolved on the fly, at perform-time.

Further Developments

The system designed in the project is open to a large number of further developments, a few of which are outlined here:

This document composed by Adam Buckley (, last edited on 16-May-2002.